A hoard of randomly assambled pictures from my life. (some of the bigger ones open in a new browser-window)

3 Peaks Holiday - In 2011 Maaike and I did a three-week tour of Britishland, and climbed all of these.
Eagles of the Blues - Hee hee, this is what we got up to one boring Saturdaynight with scouting. We stuck sunglasses and mustaches on two eagle-statues near Femke's parent's place.
People in the picture are Gerlof, Arne, Maaike and of course one of the eagles feeling very cool.
Inktpot Aliens - The truth is out there, aliens are here! Prove of flying alien equipment, on a building in Utrecht in Dutchland.
Pixel's Avatars - I've had so many avatars over the years - back in the days when people still knew what an avatar was. Here are a couple of them.
Hobbes Wallpaper - One of the nicest desktop wallpapers I have had.
An Angel called Juliet - Alright, now how could anyone say that this girl is not cute?
Attack of the Spiders - Humongous spiders are attacking the world! Webcam-shot from the Dutch National Weather Service near Utrecht.
Feeling Catatonic? - You can roadrage my roadrage anytime...
Dune map - I am not afraid to tell you, that I've read the original Dune books more times than I am able to remember.
Science meets Ducks - Artistic work by Dirk and me, illustrating an important moment in scientific research.
Farcasterportal - Dreamy illustration from the Hyperion scifi bookseries.
Downsized Pixel - A younger version of Pixel already displaying several scouting-skills, including trying to remove that sign...
Cottages at Cordeville - You'll have to read through five or six of the original scifi Dune-books, to understand why this image is here.
Pixelated Map - That April day where Google made us believe we had all been transported to Hyrule or something.
The screenshot is of where I live.
Super Moos - Give me a laptop, some pictures, and nothing to do, and this is what happens. The cat is called Moos, of an old housemate of mine.
M.A.S.K. - I loved this toy, I played it to death. M.A.S.K. rocked.
V.E.N.O.M. - Another M.A.S.K. toy I owned in some distant past, but that now has been lost.
Born to be Eeyore - All stuffed-toy Eeyores secrectly ride motorbikes, do they not? Or is it just our one?
Flatland - Yes, Dutchland is flat. Very very very flat.
Austerlitz - Pyramids are not only for the Egypt. Our Dutch village has one of its very own.
Built back in the days for Napoleon, now being torn down by one of our giant Gerbils...
Banner of Hope - A banner for one of my old sites, using my pixel-cat icon-thingy...
PUNKROCK!!! - I peeled this flyer of a lamppost in Trier when on summercamp there back in 2001.
We used Calvin and Hobbes as our mascots, so we kept screaming PUNKROCK!!!!! at people the rest of the camp (rest of our lifes, really)...
SuperTed - This is one of the first tv cartoons I remembers, and just looking at that picture makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
Call me a Trapezoid! - The Triangle and Robert comics were brilliantly amazing.
Warande - Pixeland headquarters during the Aglami days: the Warande in Zeist.