As most of these games are quite old, it might be wise to figure out how to slow your computer down first, before you try some of them.
Try DOSbox for example: at the bottom of this list.

Blockout - If you thought Tetris gave you the ultimate (so-called) Tetris-effect, try playing this for 10-hours in a row…
It's Tetris, with an added dimension… literally.
Paratrooper - Hee hee, I love this game! As straight forward as they get, just don't let the paratroopers land, because four of them shall kill thee!
Prince of Persia - The classic! See how that guy moves!
...Alright, not that impressive these days, but back then this was the top of the top, and it is still good and fun to play.
Sherlock - The ultimate of the ultimate of logic-grid puzzle-games.
I played this more than was good for me.
Sherlock Android (external) - Nooo!! They ported Sherlock to Android. My life is doomed!
(link is to the free trail-version)
Snipes - I have played this game as long as I can remember.
Use the arow-keys to move and the w/a/s/d for shooting.
Oh, and there is a key-combination to quite before you have finished a game, I just don't remember it now... (hmmm, try using alt or ctrl in combination with scroll lock, or keys in that region of your keyboard).
Monkey Island series (in-site) - As an Aglamian I am obligated to inflict on you the Believe that this is the best computergame-series in the history of the world.
(this refers you to the Games-page in the Aglami section of this site)
Loom (in-site) - Quirky little adventure game. I am Bobbin, are you my mother?
(find it on the Games-page in the Aglami section of this site)
DOSbox (external) - When your old games are running at break-neck-speeds on your hyper-new computer, or even not at all:
there is DOSbox, the x86 DOS emulator.
ScummVM (external) - Want to return to the golden-age of computergaming, but your PC just won't run your Lucas-Arts adventure games?
ScummVM is your God and saviour!