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A melange of images returned from the ghastly harrowing depths of the vaults of Aglami.
I always had a feeling in Hell there would be mushrooms.

Aglami Game (sub-page) - While, not suprisingly, never even making it to anything like a testing phase, the attempt to make an Aglami-based adventure game happen produced some marvelous sketches of Aglami regulars.
Masters of Aglami (sub-page) - Mike made everybody feel really exuberant with his "Masters of Aglami" toy-collection, featuring loads of regulars.
Aglameets (sub-page) - A few rare pictures of Aglamians away from their keyboards, and meeting in *real* real life.
We want RRRRR (sub-page) - That time everybody revolted against our leader and dictator, when Reinder failed to produce a new updated RRRRR.
Aglami Banners (sub-page) - Collection of banners created for Aglami by the regulars.

agent.jpg - Down and dirty look of what Aglami really looked like back in 2003.
After a while you don't even see the code anymore.
aglami.jpg - Screenshot of the frontpage. When the url was still our preciousss.
aglamians.wmv - Movie with a bundle of Aglamians... and HAL... Respect!
aglamicomic.jpg - The "All your base are belong to us"-hype was probably the pinnacle of all nonsense in the history of the Internet.
aglamispotting.png - Aglami summarized in a Trainspotting-poster.
I know nothing of Trainspotting, other than Ewan McGregor was supposedly in it.
atob.jpg - Atob is not the happy...
beatrix.jpg - Beatrix Reloaded, Luke putting the ra-ra-rabbit in the 21st century.
blonde49.jpg - Scientific proof that Blondestranger is older than she looks.
Pretty sure that if anyone should die for this, it is Reinder...
blondestranger.wmv - Blondestranger records a fabulous movie, in an attempt to kill time while waiting for the Internet to turn back on.
carljohan.jpg - This is, supposedly, the face of CJ Hoiby, winner of the best Monkey Island song ever created.
Not an Aglamian, tracking him down was a Aglami side-quest for years.
See the music section for the actual song.
catcomic.gif - This cat comic in no way represent my experiences in Aglami...
chicken.jpg - Look! It's a rubber chicken, signed by our God and spiritual model, Ron Gilbert.
desktop.jpg - This screenshot of my desktop epitomizes my Aglami life during it's peak...
gingcat.jpg - Prove that Blonderstranger is really a two-head cat, and probably secretly related in some way to Esben.
hashagla.gif - #Aglami kills warning poster-campaign.
inajar.jpg - Daffy captured the essense of Aglami, and started to sell it online...
Not a scamm at all... for sure.
indy_melee.jpg - The location of Melee Island pinpointed on a map in a Indiana Jones game.
monkeyisland.jpg - The MI1 EGA-demo actually reveals the location of Monkey Island(tm)!
Someone go there and tell us what is there...
launch.jpg - That time while all of us were chewing off are nails and fingers in excited anticipation of the new website...
luke2.jpg - Is that a rubber-chicken-with-a-pulley-in-the-middle Luke, or are you just happy to see us?
mi5-train.jpg - What Aglami thought MI5 should look like, back in the days when there was no real MI5 yet.
midisk144.jpg - It DOES exist!!!
Will this unlock the catatcombs below Melee Island, and reveal the real... SECRECTT of Monkey ISLand??!
monkeyba.jpg - All your monkey are belong to Guybrush.
occamsmonkey.jpg - Promoted from a demonstration sport to official sport during the 2004 Olympics: Insult Swordfighting.
Not taking this insolence sitting down!
piratesarecool.jpg - Truth revealed! Diminishment of the number of pirates responsible for the global warning!
reinder.avi - Reinder talking in some piglatin-language that I don't understand...
sarah-no.jpg - Sarah talking the straight talk to some AGHLTFC...
sponsorship.jpg - Several options were coined to replenish our Aglami APF black ops budget. This one bat some eyes...
towel.gif - Lousy banner I made for Ginger's website.
treelicking.png - Krista teaching Reinder the Canadian national traditional pastime of treelicking.
t-shirt.jpg - #aglami maked us al cry, truthfully...
unwillingcartoonist.pdf - Comic I drew while waiting for data-searches to finish at my first job at the Dutch National Police.
Bled dry after the 5th chapter...