Aglami starts first with the games, of course.
Below you will find (links to) the Monkey Island games, some other Lucas-Arts adventure games, and a few helpfull tools.

Secret of Monkey Island (external) - As you know, pirating pirate-games is of course very bad, but since it seems impossible to find the original two games since… forever now, we at Aglami started providing them years ago.
Click and be sent to our clandistine site, and get Secret of Monkey Island ( there.
(see info on codewheels and emulator below)
Secret of Monkey Island SE (external) - Monkey Island with speech and hiplike graphics? Are you dreaming? No you are not! Just before Lucas-Arts disappeared forever, they gave the world the Special Editions.
All new and shiny, though at a flick of a button you can revert back to the original version of the game, and it works without stuff like ScummVM! Buy it here now!
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (external) - The original Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge is, like the first game, hard to get these days.
So like part 1, click on the linky-thingy and magically go to the secret of download paradise for Monkey Island 2 (
(see info on codewheels and emulator below)
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge SE (external) - Just when you thought you survived the joy of the Secret of Monkey Island the Special Edition, here comes the Special Edition of Monkey Island 2!
Go and be a good fan boy and pay and download it here!
Curse of Monkey Island, Aglami Edition - The third part of the Monkey Island series is called The Curse of Monkey Island.
It doesn't have a copy-protection, but remember people, pirating games is bad bad bad. (*grins amusingly*)
This is the official aglamidotcom version, game kindly provided by Daffy.
Curse of Monkey Island (external) - Don't trust shady downloads from obscure websites? You can always try your luck on Amazon...
Click here to flee to Amazon.
(see info on emulator below)
Escape from Monkey Island, Aglami Edition - The next part, part 4 that is, of the Monkey Island games is Escape from Monkey Island. Unlike the first three parts it uses the Grim Fandango engine, instead of the Scumm.
I don't think it has a copy-protection, but again, remember pirating is very bad >:o)
This is the official aglamidotcom version, kindly provided by Daffy.
Escape from Monkey Island (external) - Trembling in your boots at taking download-candy from Aglamians?
Click here to seek your treasure on Amazon.
Tales of Monkey Island (external) - The latest installment in the Monkey Island Universe, developed by Telltale Games, takes you back to the Caribbean.
On Telltale's site they vividly deny knowing anything about Islands or Monkeys, but you still can get Tales of Monkey Island on Steam, so click here.
Loom (external) - Another game by Lucas Arts, which was released at about the same time as SoMI which contains several references to this Loom, is super sweet.
Download Loom at this place ( - a cheat is included in the Zip-file to solve the copy-protection.
(see info on emulator below)
Day of the Tentacle Remastered (external) - Proclaimed by 49% of the questioned population to be the best adventure ever made, you can now buy and download the new remastered version of Day of the Tentacle here on Steam!
Still filled to the top with tentacles, founding fathers and frozen hamsters, let none stop you!
Grim Fandango Remastered (external) - The other 51% of questioned population wishes you would hurry up and make yourself over to this Steam-page, to get the legendary reaper of games, Grim Fandango, the new remastered version!
Apparently they finally improved the gamecontrol system.
ScummVM (external) - You got that old version of your favourite Monkey Island game, but cannot in the world get it to run on your computer?
Speed over here, and download and install your own version of the Scumm Virtual Machine emulator.
Originally designed to make all the old Lucas-Arts Scumm-engine-based adventure games come back to live, it works with a whopping gazillion of amount of old-day adventure games.
Get it to get above games Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2, Curse of Monkey Island and Loom to work at last!
Monkey Island Codewheels (external) - Can't get into your Monkey Island games if your life depended on it, because you lost your Codewheel?
Download a copy here, and arts-and-craft a new one. ( or
Scumm Revisited - Dig into Scumm resource files with Scumm Revisited, and extract voices, sound effect, music and images.
With all Lucas-Arts resource sites dropping dead left and right, download the program right here on Crapstack.
(I got it here:, so visit there for more info - while you still can.)