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Frequently Asked Questions, where supposedly all your burning questions are answered.
Here is a colossal list of them... It's not that we're bad FAQ owners or anything, it's just, you know, we've had so many of them over the years.

Aglami FAQ
Pixel's FAQ - Most recent general purpose FAQ for Aglami, written by me.
Recent is a relative word, since I doubt there has been a FAQ posted in Aglami since 2005.
Previous Aglami FAQ's
Orin's FAQ - Orin's Hitch-Hiker's Guide to AGLAMI. Based on a previous version of my FAQ, Orin updated a older version of my Pixel FAQ when I didn't have time to maintain mine for a while. (november 2003)
Mike Ball's FAQ - Michael Ball's version of the FAQ, composed after Sean was unable to post for a long time. (july 2001)
Sean's FAQ - The Aglami FAQAA by Sean - we suckered Sean into writing the FAQ after Simon disappeared.
I can't remember why on earth he called it a FAQAA, but he was quite adamant about it. (oktober 2000)
Simon's FAQ - Simon's Aglami Intro, Guideline and FAQ for Newbie Buccaneers, the godfather of all subsequent Aglami FAQ's.
From the days when FAQ's were supposedly published regularly... (september 1999)
Michael Smith's FAQ - Michael's #monkey-island and Aglami ReadMe, used in parallel to Simon FAQ.
This FAQ covers both the ancient #monkey-island chatchannel and the Aglami newsgroup. (september 1999)
Huz's FAQ - Huz's FAQ is as far as I can tell the first Aglami FAQ ever made. (april 1999)

Specific Technical FAQ's
Luke's Top-posting FAQ - The Aglami Top-Posting FAQ. Explaining clear and concise why Top-posting is the root of *all* evil on Usenet, and why it is punishable by death and subsequential banishment from Aglami.
Daffy's HTML posting FAQ - HTML posting FAQ guide, expounding on why only ignorant duffle bags post to USENET using HTML.
Kasper's EfMI technical support FAQ - For those who forget we are actually a newsgroup about the Monkey Island computer games, here's a technical support FAQ for Escape from Monkey Island. Written when the game came out by Kasper, as he was the technical support guru of the newsgroup.
Pixel's #aglami FAQ - Step by step instructions how to get on the #aglami chat-channel for those who hadn't even ever heard of IRC before.